Customer Story

How Caulfield Grammar School Streamlined Its Month-End Process Using Weel.

With Stephanie Clegg, Business Optimisation Specialist at Caulfield Grammar




VIC, Australia



Caulfield Grammar School is a leading independent co-educational school in Melbourne, Australia. Its five campuses consist of over 3,000 students, 700 full-time and part-time employees and over 400 sports coaches.


  • Incomplete expense reports

  • Missing invoices

  • Manual processes

We spoke to Stephanie about the difference our corporate card and expense management solution has made to their finance team’s daily operations.


The Challenge

“Crucial information was missing.”

With a new Chief Operating Officer on deck, Caulfield Grammar School came to Weel with big plans to overhaul its reconciliation process. The team had multiple entities to manage, and reconciling all of their credit card transactions was a manual, tedious process.

“We were previously using an Excel spreadsheet. And each month, the accountants would export the data from the bank, give it to the credit cardholders, who then manually fill out an Excel form, with the human-error risk that crucial information was missing,” says Stephanie.

Credit card reconciliation at a school this size was nothing short of a nightmare. They needed a service that would alleviate the administrative burden and reduce the risk of incomplete expense reports.


The Solution

"It’s a massive weight off our shoulders."

Using spreadsheets to manage expenses and chasing cardholders for missing information each month didn’t make sense for the school’s finance team. Weel’s instant virtual cards and finance automation gave Stephanie and her team peace of mind and valuable time back. They’re now freed up to move on to new process improvements and cost-saving initiatives.

“It’s just a massive weight off our shoulders. We don’t have to chase staff for information. We don’t have staff asking questions about a clunky spreadsheet. Everyone logs into Weel, uploads their receipts, and then we just check them as part of our month-end process,” says Stephanie.


The Result

Feedback from staff has been fantastic.

If overhauling your existing systems sounds daunting, it’s a lot easier than you think. Once the initial set up was complete, Stephanie and her team were able to implement Weel’s cards and software in less than a week.

“We’ve saved our finance team a frustrating manual process and feedback from staff around the school has been fantastic. The ease of use of Weel means next to no training is required. It was pretty smooth sailing.”

If you’re looking to sort out expenses the easy way, just like we did for Caulfield Grammar School, book a personalised demo with our team of specialists today.

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