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A better way to manage subscriptions

Keep track of all your subscriptions, with the ability to instantly create or cancel from one central location.

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Get insight and control over all your subscription payments

Using our subscription dashboard, you can easily surface spending inefficiencies like duplicate subscriptions or irregular charges. When you need to, you can instantly cancel or pause payments, which will immediately prevent any further funds being withdrawn.


Save the mucking around on card ownership transfers

If somebody leaves the business or changes roles, you can instantly transfer the owner of the subscription card to another card holder. You won’t need to update any of the subscription card details. How easy is that?


Avoid getting stung by credit card fraud

Rather than tying all of your subscriptions to a single corporate card, we allow you to create unique virtual cards for each subscription. Set maximum limits for each subscription, with any out-of-the-ordinary charges blocked and flagged.


“We were looking for a tool that was easy to use and quick to capture expense data. With Weel, we have now saved 870 hours on expense admin every month and seen a 70% reduction in processing time.”

Sarah Jennings, Banking and AR Manager, Michael Hill

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