Employee reimbursements made seamless

Process reimbursements in just a few clicks, so no-one’s out of pocket for longer than need be.

Weel powers top finance teams across Australia

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Build stronger relationships with your team

If an employee dips into their own savings to cover a work expense, reimbursing them quickly is an important part of building trust. With Weel, once an employee’s expense has been approved, it can be in their account in a few minutes.


Ensure all reimbursements are in line with your expense policy

Using multi-level approvals, create the sign-off process you need so all expenses have the right detail and fall within company policy. If an expense is not complete, you can automatically flag it with the employee for review.


Effortlessly keep your budgets up to date

When submitting an expense, employees need to select the budget that the cost should come out of. Once approved and paid, the corresponding budget is then updated so it is kept up to date in real time.

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The easiest way to stay on top of expense reporting

With our expense reimbursement software, all the details you need for compliant, expense reporting are automatically captured in Weel as each expense is submitted. From receipt tracking to matching merchant codes, staying on top of expense reports has never been easier.

Reimbursements and Xero, a winning combination

Don’t want to wait until the next payrun to reconcile reimbursements? With Weel, your reimbursements are sent to Xero as soon as payment is made. Using reimbursements with Xero is the easiest way to stay on top of your reimbursement expense reporting.


“Maintaining receipts and completing expense reports in Excel was an added headache for our caregivers. With Weel, this process is now streamlined and easy as they don't even have to think about it. Our caregivers are hired to take care of people in the community with Autism, not complete expense reports.”

Keval Shah, Accountant, Autism Association of Australia

Resources on Reimbursements

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Frequently asked questions

How do I stay in control of expense reimbursements?

Like payments made with Weel’s virtual corporate cards, reimbursement expenses are controlled via budgets. You can assign who has access to reimbursements by adding it as a payment type to the staff member. Requests for reimbursements get routed to the right approver and will only be processed after it has been approved. Additionally, reimbursement payments will only process successfully if they are under the budget limit. Weel's reimbursement management software will help you to implement your expense reimbursement policy securely and efficiently.

What type of expenses can be reimbursed?

You choose what expenses you want to reimburse according to your reimbursement policy. Employee expense reimbursement might include office supplies, subscriptions, travel, customer entertainment, etc. You might also use Weel reimbursements for independent contractor expense reimbursement or vehicle expense reimbursement.

How does our expense reimbursement software work?

Enter expense details in Weel for any out of pocket expense you make.
Weel will create a bill in your accounting software.
The reimbursement is forwarded to the relevant staff members for review and approval
Once the reimbursement is approved it will be paid on the scheduled date automatically by Weel
Your accounting software will stay in sync with Weel as your reimbursements progress.

What is an example of an expense reimbursement?

You may have an employee who doesn't typically make business purchases, but needs to make a one-off payment, perhaps for an unexpected office item. This employee could then be reimbursed via Weel's employee expense reimbursement software.

Ready to streamline your employee expense reimbursement process?

Request and approve in less than a minute. No paperwork. Cancel any time.

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