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Let’s manage client spend, together

With instant virtual cards, powerful spend management and reporting tools, it’s a win-win for you and your clients.

Trusted by Australia's fastest growing businesses

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A few reasons why you'll love partnering with us...


Gain full visibility over client spend

With approval workflows, custom description fields and audit trails, you have all the insight you need to help your client administer their expense policy.Read more


Get accurate and efficient spend reporting on each client

With all the checks and balances to capture correct expense details on-the-go, accurately reconciling expenses can be done in just a few clicks.Read more


Build stronger client relationships and provide better advice

We take all the manual work out of traditional expense management, which means you've got more time to find strategic efficiencies your clients will love.
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How to join our partner program


Step 1

Have a chat with our partner team, to see if it’s a good fit


Step 2

Get set up on a complimentary Weel account


Step 3

Graduate from our Weel certification course


Step 4

Download your partner pack

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Step 5

Start introducing Weel to your clients

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Refer a client in less than 2 mins with our Rapid Refer button below (and you can finish the rest of the list after your first referral)

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What you get as a Weel preferred partner

As a partner we'll be here to support you through every step of the journey as you introduce new clients to Weel. In addition to this, here are some other perks you can enjoy.


We offer a scaling discount for partners, so the more clients you refer, the greater the discount. You can either pass this on to your clients, or keep it as a bonus.

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Bronze Tier

Less than 5 clients



Silver Tier

From 6 to 20 clients



Gold Tier

Over 20 clients




When you become a certified partner, you will gain access to our exclusive partner community, where you can share tips and insights with other businesses just like you.

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From our annual Australian CFO summit, to masterclasses and more, being a partner secures your front row access to any and all Weel virtual or networking events.

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Become a strategic partner

Are you a business that wants to make change in the corporate spending space? Join our growing list of strategic partners to bringing customers a wealth of opportunities.

“We are now receiving 90% of the receipts for our reconciliation purposes and Weel's automated feed provides real-time information on all expenditures.”

Kaia Kaldoja, Head of Bookkeping, BlueRock

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Frequently asked questions

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Will Weel's expense software work with my clients' accounting software?
How do I become a Certified Weel Partner?
Can my clients sign up to Weel themselves, or do I need to sign up on their behalf?
How does the Weel Virtual Card work?
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