Get the whole picture on company spend

Make informed spending decisions, with all transaction details available in real-time

Weel powers top Finance teams across Australia

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Review all transactions as they happen, not two days later

With all of your payment data instantly available in Weel, you can catch any out-of-policy spend without delay. Find comfort with the most up-to-date snapshot of spend is right there at your fingertips.

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Easily spot what needs to be actioned to keep payments moving

Whether there’s a missing receipt, or a pending approval or an unreconciled transaction, in-built status flags make staying on top of payment flows effortless.


Have a birds eye view, or get into the weeds

Filter transactions by budget, person or spending amount, quickly surface the transaction you need. Once you've found the transaction, export all of the data with a single click.


Find new efficiencies in your company’s spending

When transaction details are living across multiple tools, it’s easy for spending inefficiencies such as duplicate spend to go unnoticed. By centralising all transactions into one dashboard, you can easily identify areas for optimisation.


“We were looking for a tool that was easy to use and quick to capture expense data. With Weel, we have now saved 870 hours on expense admin every month and seen a 70% reduction in processing time.”

Sarah Jennings, Banking and AR Manager, Michael Hill

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Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to review receipts and tax invoices for every transaction?

Yes, by clicking open a transaction you will be able to see the relevant tax invoice for any final reviews and updates.

Can I filter transactions in Weel?

Yes, all transactions can be filtered by any time period and then exported as a CSV or a PDF statement. You can also export the associated tax invoices from Weel.

How long does it take for transactions to appear in Weel?

Transactions will appear in Weel’s transaction feed the moment a staff member has made a payment with their virtual card. There is no time-delay, allowing you to review any spending with real-time transaction tracking.

How do I review transactions in Weel’s transaction feed?

Weel’s transaction feed is part of our expense tracker app, and has been set up to make reviewing transactions quick and easy. Each transaction has a status (incomplete or complete) and can be filtered by time, person, category, budget and more. With simple filters, the Weel expense management system allows you to narrow your focus and quickly review any transactions that need further attention.

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