Instant Digital Smart Receipts with Slyp

Slyp Smart Receipts delivered directly into the Weel expense management app the moment a purchase is made at a Slyp-enabled merchant.

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Eliminate paper receipts for good

Generate smart receipts at the point of sale, and never chase your team for expenses again. Weel exports digital receipts into your accounting software automatically. We'll even show you product details, return policies and contact information.


Digital receipts on auto-pilot

When a staff member makes a payment at a registered merchant, an interactive smart receipt automatically attaches to their expense report. Say goodbye to blurry photos and follow up emails.


Record GST with 100% accuracy

Taking a photo of your receipts is good. But when you can capture the exact GST for every line item without needing to take a photo or check the transaction. Well, that’s great.

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Save time and the planet

Every day, the average person receives 2-3 paper receipts. This means we destroy over 4,000 trees every day. Smart Receipts make paper receipts a thing of the past. Who knew bookkeeping could help save the planet?

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for Smart Receipts?
Do these receipts get exported into my accounting software?
How do Smart Receipts work?
Do I receive a copy of the receipt?
Are these receipts accepted by auditors?
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