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2 days of finance admin saved each month for Troocoo with Weel

With Troocoo, Finance Manager at Jane Sadler




Brisbane, Australia (HQ)



Troocoo delivers recruitment and search expertise for both permanent and contract roles. The firm looks after appointments ranging from HR to marketing, communications and sales.


  • A desire to save time on expense management

  • Growing workforce, needed a scalable solution

  • Wanted expense management to integrate with accounting software

"With Weel, Troocoo staff are empowered to capture expenses on the spot & feed that into a centralised solution without paperwork." Read the case study here.


Jane Sadler, Finance Manager at Troocoo, knew there had to be an easier way to manage expenses for her business. Weel offered her the solution she was looking for, and she’s now saving up to 2 days in finance admin time every month. Jane sat down with Weel to share what expense management at Troocoo was like before Weel, and what it’s like now.

Jane, what drove you to go to market for a new expense management solution?

Before we started to use Weel, Troocoo was a much smaller organisation. At the time of conversion to Weel, we had grown to in excess of 40 staff. It was taking me hours at the end of each month to collate credit card receipts that came to me in envelopes, and then on top of that, I had to process it all manually through Xero. Expense management pre-Weel all felt like a monumental waste of time!

What were you looking for from an expense management provider?

I really wanted to streamline expense management at Troocoo, and to make it far less manual. I checked in with our accounting partner, Business Depot, and they suggested I reach out to Weel.

What was the new-customer onboarding process like with Weel?

After being introduced to Weel by Business Depot, I worked with Cale at Weel to understand the ins and outs of the product. Cale was conveniently able to do this over video conferencing with me. We decided to do a trial run of the product, issuing virtual cards to 5 new Troocoo staff members, and it was all seamless. We began issuing virtual cards to more and more employees, and it’s worked so well that most of our staff now have Weel corporate cards.

Cale and Nick (customer support at Weel) provided me with enough information and training that it was an easy decision to give Weel a go. And the ongoing support has been really good – I’ve loved it. I’ve worked with other providers who don’t deliver the immediate support that I enjoy with Weel. The availability of the support really has been fantastic.

What’s been the feedback on Weel from your colleagues and other employees?

We have 4 people in our finance team, but I’m the only one who needs to manage Weel because it’s such an easy solution to administer. When they have interacted with the software, my finance colleagues have been just as happy with it as I am.

In terms of our wider business, I’d say most of the feedback is very positive. The sorts of expenses our people are running through the cards include meetings with clients and candidates, and internal meetings. Troocoo employees also use Weel virtual corporate cards to pay for work lunches, gifts for clients and candidates, and general work supplies and needs.

What impact has Weel had on your workload, Jane?

By using Weel, I’m saving about 2 days per month in finance admin time. This has been invaluable as our business has grown since we started using Weel, and I’ve needed the extra time I’ve saved to manage the increased workload this growth has created for our finance team.

What would you say to another business currently considering Weel?

If I had to describe Weel to another finance professional, I’d say that it’s still a solution that I need to manage, but with a minimal time investment on my part. If you’re used to staff getting paper receipts, writing on the back of them, and then dropping them at your desk – you’re where I was pre-Weel. Now, Troocoo staff are empowered to capture expenses on the spot, and to feed that into a centralised solution without all the paperwork. The fact that it all goes straight into the Cloud means that double handling has been eliminated from my expense management process.


Is there anything else you’d add about Weel?

The biggest selling point for Weel in my eyes is that it’s really quick and easy to use, and it removes duplication. I anticipate that we’ll be able to keep using it as our business continues to grow – I don’t know of anything that would offer better functionality for us. I know that Weel has recently introduced bills and reimbursements features – I’m interested to see how that might be of benefit for Troocoo, too.

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