Customer Story

From up to 20 lost receipts every month, Wade Bloomfield Electrical are down to zero.

With Wade Bloomfield, Business Owner at Wade Bloomfield Electrical




NSW, Australia


Trade: Electrical

Wade Bloomfield Electrical is a NSW based commercial electrical business that has been working primarily within NSW government assets for over 2 years. With a team of 12 employees and growing, they have a lot of employees on the road, making clients happy through delivering efficient, professional electrical work.


  • Fuel card provider was limiting

  • Restricted to only using suppliers they had accounts with

  • Team members paying out of pocket

  • Lots of time lost managing expenses

Wade Bloomfield Electrical came to Weel to replace their restrictive fuel cards, and ended up solving all of their expense issues.


The Challenge

Restrictive fleet cards and stacks of lost receipts

For Wade Bloomfield, owner of Wade Bloomfield Electrical, being able to respond and get work done quickly for his clients has always been an essential part of his business model. As his business grew over the years, and he took on more staff and more work, managing expenses became an increasing headache that was slowing him and his team down. 

“We were relying on having accounts set up with different suppliers,” says Wade. “This meant the team were losing a lot of time on the phones trying to set up supplier accounts then also going out of their way to drive to these specific suppliers. Not to mention, being locked to these suppliers meant we weren’t able to shop around for the best deal.”

Where they didn’t have supplier accounts, often Wade himself would need to make special trips out of hours to ensure costs were going on his credit card to avoid the team paying out of pocket for items they needed. 

On top of all of this, there were still unavoidable instances that were requiring staff to put down their own credit cards. With his team paying out of pocket, this created more nightmares from a management perspective in chasing up missing receipts, and worrying about his staff being out of pocket. 

Without full visibility over the tools or urgent items that had been purchased by his staff to complete a job, Wade would often only be finding out the true cost of the job at the end of the month. 

After a major issue when one of his fuel card providers started creating headaches, Wade started looking for a better way to do things. 


The Solution

An automated expense system to streamline all their day to day expenses.

What started as a search for a new fuel card provider, ended up solving all of the challenges Wade was having with expenses, through finding Weel. 

“I had the meeting with Weel at 3pm, and by 4pm I was issuing virtual cards to my team, ready to use,” shared Wade. “The whole team was on-boarded in less than a week, with cards issued to every new starter.” 

Through introducing Weel’s virtual cards with built in spending controls, Wade no longer has to rely on supplier accounts being set up, and instead the team can go to whoever has the best deal, in the closest vicinity. 

Using Weel’s budgeting tools, Wade is able to ensure that all spending is tracked and managed correctly through the one system, with everyone spending within the agreed limits. 

His team are able to complete their expense reports on the go, through uploading receipts in Weel’s mobile app — so there’s no more missing receipts or incomplete expense reports. 

He can stay on top of all spending using Weel’s real-time transaction feed, so there’s no surprises waiting at the end of the month or quarter. 

With Weel’s Quickbooks integration, all of his expenses data is sent straight into his accounting software so there is no double handling of data. 


The Result

Better budget control, happier staff and plans for future growth

In under a week, Wade was able to completely transform how the team managed expenses at Wade Bloomfield Electrical. 

Without needing to worry about supplier accounts, they were able to eliminate all the time spent on the phone setting up accounts, driving to suppliers, managing the accounts, and all the in between. 

“Weel has completely improved the way I run my business,” says Wade. “My staff are happier being able to make purchases for their day to day jobs without being out of pocket, and I’ve also had far less receipts missing.”

With better control over how much is being spent on things like fuel, car washes and office expenses, managing expenses has gone from being a massive headache to something completely automated that Wade has full control over. 

From dealing with around 20 lost receipts a month, they are now down to zero — which is a huge win for their accountant. 

With expenses under control, Wade has big plans for the future of Wade Bloomfield Electrical, including tendering for new contracts, achieving ISO accreditation and continuing to grow his team. 

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