Introducing: Express expense completion 

September 19, 2023

By Caity Wynn


We’re excited to share that Weel has just released a new optional feature for customers on the Premium plan, that supports businesses to increase the rate at which expenses are completed by up to 37% within 24 hours. 

For many finance teams, chasing up missing receipts and incomplete expense reports at the end of the month is a time-consuming part of the reconciliation process, and one that often results in a less than 100% completion rate. 

Weel’s new feature, Express expense completion, is here to help change this, through encouraging a shift in employee behaviour around expenses, ensuring that expense reports are completed within 3 days of the transaction being made.


How does Express expense completion work?
When this feature is enabled via the Weel expense settings, employees will be prompted via multiple push notifications and in app reminders to complete their expense reports. Employees have  three days of completing their transaction to upload their receipts, or their Weel cards will be blocked. 

If they do let an expense fall outside of the three day mark, and subsequently have their card blocked, unblocking their card is simple, and instant — they just need to complete their expense reports by uploading their receipt. 

Employees are encouraged to complete their expense reports as soon as the expense is incurred — which in turn reduces incidences of lost receipts, or multiple unexpected expenses being lodged at the end of the month. 

This alleviates the burden from the finance team of needing to chase up employees at the end of the month, as Weel can now do this leg work for them.


How can I start using this feature today?

If you are already a Weel customer, you can trial this feature free for 30 days on any plan, after which it will only be available for customers on Premium or above plans. If you’re not already a Weel customer, get in touch with us today to learn more about how Weel can transform the way you manage spending across your business.

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