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A Checklist for Your Best-ever Month-end Close

Closing the books doesn’t have to be complicated. Get those financial reports into the hands of your stakeholders before the insights go cold: This busywork-busting, two-part checklist makes it easy.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

What you'll learn


How to get a head-start during the month

With a little planning, you can jump through these month-end hoops with ease.

Steps to conquer the fast close

Learn the not-so-obvious steps to deliver financial statements faster.

Tactics to eliminate stress at month-end

Remove time-wasters and bottlenecks that slow your business down.

How to use the checklist

With a growing list of tasks to complete, month-end is often a time-consuming, stressful process. Financial reports are often delivered so late in the month that it can slow down otherwise-agile businesses. While every business has its own procedures, efficient accountants have learned to push everything that doesn’t have a material impact out of the closing day. Use this checklist to organise and streamline your process and make room for value-added, money-making tasks. Designed specifically for high-performing finance teams, this low-hanging fruit checklist will help you focus your attention on delivering strategic insights, not busywork.

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