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The CFO's 2024 toolkit

In the world of finance, there's an abundance of fabulous tech tools that can deliver on the promise of streamlining, automating and optimising your day to day. There comes a tipping point however, where the time it takes to maintain and leverage the benefits across all of these tools starts to outweigh the challenge they were solving in the first place. So where does it make sense to invest? Tune in and we'll take you through the CFOs essential toolkit for 2024.

Spend Management


12pm AEDT


Tuesday, 5 December 2023




Getting more ROI from your tech-stack

If you're looking to consolidate your tech stack, or are finding that you're spending increasing amounts of time trying to get all your different tech solutions to talk to each other, then this is the session for you. We'll be putting the spotlight on the tools you use for managing company spending, to see how they stack up when it comes to efficiency and cost savings.

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Meet your hosts


Jesse Parise

Customer SuccessWeel

Caitlin Wynn

Senior Product Marketing ManagerWeel
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