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Reimbursements: the missing piece for your small spenders

Reimbursements on mobile have arrived. Join our free webinar to see how reimbursements and virtual cards can help keep spending under control — without ever having to chase a crumpled paper receipt again.

Spend Management


11:00am AEDT


Wednesday, 22 February 2023




What you'll learn


Understanding mobile reimbursements

Confused about who should be reimbursed and who should use a company card? Discover how these tools work in harmony during our informative session.

Optimising your employee expense process

Best practice advice on setting up your team's expenses so they can keep things moving, while saving your finance team hours in admin.

Staying on top of costs across your business

Hear insights and advice on the best ways to get back total control and visibility over employee costs across your business.
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Meet your host


Peter Rogan

Employee Expenses ExpertWeel

More about this event

As we face yet another year of uncertain market conditions, staying in control of employee spending has never been more important. When you’ve got some employees spending on corporate cards, others sharing cards, and the rest making purchases on their own cards and submitting it to the office, it’s really challenging to get the full picture on outgoing employee expenses. And this makes it difficult to optimise and control. Our in house expense management expert, Pete Rogan, will help to untangle some of these challenges and answer any questions you have about best practice expense management.


Manage reimbursements with Weel

Request reimbursements with the click of a button on Weel's mobile app. Approvals can be made in seconds and customised to suit your approval policy.

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