Welcome to Weel: a new era of spend management

September 5, 2022

By Daniel Kniaz


Hi everyone, Daniel here.

Today, we officially rebranded DiviPay to Weel. It’s a new name. A new look. A new era. 

While this rebrand may have come as a surprise for some, our team felt this change was overdue.

To that end, I’m excited to reflect on the journey that has brought us here today and share more about what this rebrand means for our future. 

If you have any questions about what these changes mean for you, take a look at our FAQ cheat sheet here.

Where we’ve been and where we’re going

Russell, our CTO and co-founder, and I first met while working together at Westpac as part of their innovation team in 2016. We immersed ourselves in our customers’ universe to develop ways to improve their everyday lives with thoughtful financial products.

We had identified a gap in the virtual card market where consumers could split payments in real-time and still pay through a single card. 

Knowing we would be able to move a lot faster if we went out on our own, we sat down in Russell’s apartment (in typical founder style) and dreamt up our solution, ‘DiviPay’.

Not long after launching to consumers in 2017, we increasingly saw demand from businesses in a similar solution. It turned out the solution we created to help people in their personal spending was also solving problems for businesses.

We knew we had to commit one way or another. Shaped by the growing impact we could see our product having across small businesses and not-for-profits, we made the decision to end our consumer product and focus on building our product for businesses.

Harnessing the feedback from our early adopters and growing customer base, we’ve evolved a lot over the past six years. 

Since launching virtual cards, we’ve added a full suite of tools to not only help businesses control spending, maximise cash flow visibility and fight fraud — but deliver an experience that empowers and satisfies each and every team member. 

We are the leading spend management solution in Australia, with thousands of businesses processing over $250 million every year through our platform (and growing). 

It’s time for our brand to reflect where we are today, and the journey we are on into the future.

Our brand is more than just our name

For you, it’s your user experience and emotional connection to us. For us, it’s our core identity. 

Our brand needs to be just as progressive as the solution we envisage for you and your business. Most importantly, the rebrand gives us more room to innovate beyond corporate cards into the world of spend management. We’re not slowing down any time soon. We’re fully committed to bringing you the growth-focused tools you need to keep your business moving forward.

With that said, when we got down to the nuts and bolts of it, we realised the essence of our brand lies in our ability to create a culture of ownership within organisations, particularly around spending. 

We call it “collective accountability.”

Our platform makes it possible for everyone to feel like an owner without the CFO or finance manager having to lecture on cash flow and approvals. It becomes ‘their card’ and ‘their budget’ with rules set by the finance team.

We're heralding a new age of spend management: where everyone can confidently pay for what they need while staying compliant.


Everybody wins with Weel

It’s time our name caught up with who we’re serving and what our product does today. So without further ado, meet Weel.

Weel is on a mission to move your business forward with modern spend management: smart corporate cards and easy-to-use software for budgeting, managing and analysing spend. Our mission is still the same.

We’re for big teams and small teams, organised teams and chaotic teams, remote teams and face-to-face teams. We make work easier for everyone on every team. Because no matter how your business runs, when money runs smoother, everything’s within reach.

You won’t need a new account, but we will start to redirect divipay.com to letsweel.com. Our logo has changed, our app and virtual cards have been renamed, and you’ll notice some new colours, designs and words. But your core experience will remain as streamlined as ever.


We hope you love the new brand as much as we do and can’t wait to bring even more of you along this journey with us.

Onwards and upwards.

Daniel Kniaz

Co-founder and CEO

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