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Working From Home Has Killed the Office Credit Card

We've got the inside scoop on company spending processes from over 1000+ Australian employees. The full breakdown, as well as insight and analysis on the state of company spending are now available via our report.

Spend Management


Of employees have purchased work items out of their own pocket


Have put off necessary business purchases, because they felt anxious about spending their own money


Would prefer working for a company that provided access to corporate cards

What you'll learn


Why CFOs need to rethink the shared company cards


Why poor reimbursements processes hurt company culture


How finance teams can find the Holy Grail of spend management 

More about the report

Businesses across Australia have typically relied on the shared office card to ensure staff can pay for the supplies they need to keep operations humming. But, what happens when borrowing the card from the boss’s desk isn’t possible in our new world of hybrid working? Just as the pandemic has forced us to change many aspects of how we work, spend management should not be an exception. In this report, we look at spend management from the employee perspective, to understand how finance teams can strike the perfect balance between giving staff enough freedom to buy what they need to get the job done – and nothing else.

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