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Employee Reimbursement Policy and Claim Form [Free Template]

Need a better process to manage employee spending? Our free reimbursement policy template is here to help you guide employees on best practice reimbursement claims.

Spend Management

What’s inside the template


Employee reimbursement policy


Customisable employee reimbursement form


Missing receipt declaration

How to use this template

Staying on top of employee reimbursement claims can be challenging without the right systems in place. Our easy-to-use policy template can help educate your team on how reimbursements work within your business. Whether you're managing reimbursements manually, or using an automated system like Weel, our reimbursement policy and claim template can help streamline your reimbursement claim process. Simply fill in a few details, and download the template free today.


Reimbursements don't have to be painful

Whilst forms are useful, they can be clunky. Enter Weel's reimbursement tool. Reimbursements can requested by employees with the click of a button on Weel's mobile app. Approvals can be made in seconds and customised to suit your approval policy.

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