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Corporate Card Expense Policy [Free Template]

Ready to say goodbye to inappropriate company card spending? Our free expense policy template is here to help you implement effective guidelines.

Spend Management

What’s inside the template


A sample virtual corporate card expense policy


An editable template to customise for your business


List of eligible business expenses

How to use the template

Building and polishing a policy can be overwhelming. We’ve designed this template to be simple to enforce and easily customisable for your business. It works best with smart corporate cards and spend management software, like Weel. Whether you’re looking to audit your existing policy or create one for the first time, this pre-prepared document will help you mitigate risk and potential fraud. All you need to do is adapt it to your company’s specific rules and circumstances and get your team to acknowledge the policy and agree to its terms. Simply fill in a few details to download your free template today.


Made to work with Weel Virtual Corporate Cards

This policy was built to work with Weel's virtual corporate cards and spend management platform. Weel has built-in spending controls such as shared budgets and custom workflows that allow you to bring your expense policy to life.

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