The 3 Must Use Tools For Tech-Savvy Accountants

August 19, 2021

By Adriana Amato


Weel is all about technology innovation for accountants and bookkeepers. That’s why  we started. That’s why we’re here. 

Mind you, there is plenty of tech out there that seems to be designed for its own sake. All the bells and whistles you don’t need, and not enough of what you do. 

If there is anyone who can tell you what tech to trust and what not to waste your time on, it’s our friend, Patrick Sargent. 

Patrick is Australia’s 2019 Tech Innovator of the Year who, as it happens, is also CEO of large tech-driven accountancy firm for small businesses, POP Business.

1. The future has arrived and it’s in the cloud

“How things are done has changed forever. What customers now need is raining gold from the cloud.

For us, the hero is Xero. It’s not that we also don’t love the other cloud software out there, it’s just that all the new tech is syncing with Xero (and the rhyme is also nice) and it could take a while for the others to catch up. So why wait?”

2. Weel is the answer to expense management

“Of course, this is a Weel blog, but seriously, it has propelled our business decision-making beyond belief. There is real-time access to how much, where, when and what the business is spending its money on and all you need is a little mobile app. How have we not had this tech before? 

I could go and on, but just get it and you’ll see.”

3. Google Meets and Slack make communication easier

“It's not just about getting the financial data automated. It’s about streamlining your communication
with clients and employees.

So much of a consultancy practice is managing relationships and ensuring a high quality of advice is provided. To achieve this, Google Meets has been a massive help to enable better communication with our clients and the team, whilst operating online. Slack is also such a big help to keep the ball rolling on projects and to create a supportive and collaborative team environment."

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