Welcome Catalysis Group - Weel's New Certified Partner

October 19, 2020

By Cale Bulgin

Weel welcomes The Catalysis Group as a Certified Partner and Weel implementation specialist. The Catalysis Group specialise in helping small business owners claim back time, reduce staffing costs and improve job quality. We recently spoke with founder James Cowlishaw about their business and the upcoming trends they are seeing in the accounting industry.

What is The Catalysis Group and how long have you been helping clients?

We've been helping clients for over 2 years streamline their process workflow and free up valuable time and money for business owners and their people. We help businesses find the right solutions for their needs and help implement and integrate solutions into their business.

What is a typical client problem you help solve?

We typically help clients remove the manual, time-draining activities from their businesses, freeing up time and staff to focus on more important activities. We also help businesses document and streamline their workflows, helping to remove unnecessary systems and expenses.

What is the biggest industry change you have seen since working at The Catalysis Group?

Definitely technology advancements. It's all about no-code solutions to help make it easier for the everyday person to access automation tools and streamline workflows. The challenge is that there are so many out there, finding the right solution for your business can be time-consuming. This is where The Catalysis Group can help cut through the noise for you.

What do you think is the next trend or most important development in the accounting industry?

Definitely progressing the advisory component. Bookkeeping and data management can all be automated now, but understanding all the data and what decisions small business need to make is where we see the accounting space going.

As a Weel certified partner how do you see Weel helping your clients?

We see Weel as a fantastic solution to help give more financial control and data insights to our clients. It helps small businesses leverage the value behind expense management systems corporates use but without the cost or hassle of dealing with a big bank.

The Catalysis Group + Weel

As a Weel certified partner The Catalysis Group can help you:

  • Assess your current payments and expense management process
  • Discuss the benefits of moving to the cloud and Weel's virtual corporate card and expense management platform
  • Implement Weel across your business
  • Train and support your staff to use the Weel virtual corporate card and expense management system

If you are interested in learning more about how The Catalysis Group and Weel can help you streamline your payments and expense management process then please reach out to james@thecatalysisgroup.com.au.

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