Welcome Transform LogiQ - Weel's Newest Certified Partner

October 12, 2020

By Cale Bulgin

We welcome Transform Logiq onboard as a certified partner and Weel implementation specialist. Transform LogIQ is a digital transformation specialist. We recently spoke with founder Broderick Smith about the upcoming trends they are seeing in technology and digitisation for SMEs.

What is Transform LogIQ and how long have you been helping clients?

Transform LogiQ is a specialist consultancy focusing on business processes management, information management, and digital transformation to improve cash flow, minimise risk and make more money. Although Transform LogiQ is a new consultancy, the team at Transform LogiQ have been helping clients build better businesses for over a decade.

What is a typical client problem you help solve?

We fundamentally change the way our clients do business – reducing risk, maximising profits by making business processes more efficient, delivering accountable operations management, and implementing smart automated technology. We do this through enhancing three key areas: process, people and technology. Our clients come to us with growing pains, bogged down by loads of manual data entry, have one single revenue stream and technology that is not fit for purpose – it simply doesn’t do what they need it to. As a result, their competition is taking their clients. We solve inefficiency, find new revenue streams, help grow profits, and place structure around operations and management's visibility of key financial metrics.

What is the biggest industry change you have seen since working at Transform LogIQ?

The biggest changes have been the structure of the workplace, and customers' expectations due to COVID. All of a sudden we were, and in many regions around the world still are, confronted with a new situation where face-to-face contact is, at the very least, discouraged. Businesses were essentially forced to operate with each staff member working remotely, and were not able to go and visit customers, or for retail, customers not able to walk in-store. There was a need to somehow work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ‘keep the lights on’. It has been a bit of a scramble for most. Suddenly taking the ‘safest route’ over the last couple of years has been the downfall of many businesses. Some businesses were prepared for this, many were not.

What do you think is the next trend or most important development in digitisation for SMEs?

Automation – having as many of your processes as automated as practicable will make possible the fast, agile movements that small businesses require to stay ahead of the competition, and deliver new value propositions to their clients.

As a Weel certified partner how do you see Weel helping your clients?

Weel is an essential component to digital transformation for small and medium business – it enables streamlining the expense management process to save hours of manual entry, provides management dashboards to keep a real-time view on expenditure, gives the ability to limit staff’s spend, allows for automatic categorisation of all expenditure, and has the ground-breaking ability to issue virtual Mastercards in seconds for software subscription management. Weel is a no-brainer.

Transform LogIQ + Weel

As a Weel certified partner Transform LogIQ can help you:

  • Assess your current payments and expense management process
  • Discuss the benefits of moving to the cloud and Weel's virtual corporate card and expense management platform
  • Implement Weel across your business
  • Train and support your staff to use the Weel virtual corporate card and expense management system.

If you are interested in learning more about how Transform Logiq and Weel can help you streamline your payments and expense process then please reach out to hello@transformlogiq.co.

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