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Spend control masterclass

In 2023, controlling company spending should be everyone’s responsibility — so why does it still feel like the finance team are seen as the naysayers? This masterclass is going to flip the script for spending accountability. Join our experts as they share proven tools and strategies to help keep everyone accountable for spending, while also freeing up your finance team.

Spend Management


11:00am AEDT


Thursday, 10 August 2023




What you'll learn


Easy controls to implement

Hear real-life examples from our experts, including the steps you need to follow to achieve success

How to build a culture of spending accountability

We explore innovative ways that encourage employees to share responsibility and ownership

Where businesses go wrong with spending culture

Spend controls are not set and forget. We walk you through the common mistakes to avoid

More about this webinar

Expense policies can only do so much to so much. Rather than policing the enforcement of an expense policy, how can you partner with your business functions to create a culture of financial discipline. Join this session to discover why it is vital for all finance teams to prioritise spend controls and creating a culture of collective fiscal responsibility. We will share actionable insights on how to initiate a culture shift throughout the organisation. Get ready to dive deeper into these subjects as we hand the reins over to Tyler Caskey, Partner at TheBeanCounters, Chloe Dung, Weel’s very own Financial Controller. We will also be sharing the most outlandish out of policy spending we have seen…

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Meet your speakers


Chloe Dung

Financial ControllerWeel

Tyler Caskey


Bri O'Regan

Financial Controller & Operations DirectorTanda

How to create world class financial modelling

The best finance leaders are those that have mastered building excellent financial models that can guide every strategic decision. Join our masterclass with Excel expert Lance Rubin, as he guides you through the fundamental principles of best practice budget and forecast modelling.

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