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Virtual cards: Your secret weapon against overspending

Whether you’re looking to reduce spending across your business or you simply want better visibility over how money is being spent, we invite you to join us as we dive into the what, how and why of smart virtual cards.

Spend Management


11:00am AEDT


Thursday, 30 March 2023




What you'll learn


Virtual cards: The new plastic

The modern smart card that’s here to stay. Learn how virtual cards work, and see why they’re rapidly replacing the traditional company credit card.

Building cost control into your company card

We show you how easy it is to build your expense policy into all of your company cards, helping everyone to stick to spending limits.

Improving your reporting compliance

Don’t love chasing up a hundred receipts just to close the books? We’ll take you through an easier way for everyone to manage compliance.

More about this webinar

If you’ve been wondering what all the hype on virtual company cards is about, you won’t want to miss this session. As an ex-accountant and sales team manager, our speaker Cale Bulgin is intimately aware of the challenges that come with managing employee expenses, and how easy it is for spending to creep up if left unchecked. In this 30 min session, he’ll be breaking down how virtual cards will be your secret weapon to help you get on top of spending, and streamline your expense reporting process.

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Meet your speakers


Cale Bulgin

Director of SalesWeel
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