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Your expense policy, digitised

From multi-level approvals to bespoke export workflows, build your unique expense policy directly into Weel

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Share the load and create collective spending accountability

With multi-level approval workflows, you can set the rules to ensure all company spending has the right sign-off. With less time spent in the weeds on every transaction, finance teams can spend more on strategic finance.


Whatever your policy, we’ve got spend managed

Every business is different, which is why we’ve built our Custom Workflow tool to be able to reflect your expense policy, whatever that looks like. When any type of payment enters Weel, you can set up workflows to trigger based on budget, team member, spend amount or a combination of the above.

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Enjoy unprecedented efficiency

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Better cash flow, better vendor relationships

Create bespoke approval flows to keep bills moving, the instant it’s been coded. Once all nominated team members sign off, the finance team can schedule when the bill should be automatically paid. No more email bottle-necks, and vendors get paid on time. Excellent.Read more
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Spend less time reconciling expenses

Use our Custom Workflows tools to determine when an expense should be imported into your accounting software. If there is missing or incorrect information, this will be flagged before it can be exported.Read more

Spend less time managing business expenses, and more time where it matters.

Issue virtual cards in minutes. No paperwork. Cancel any time.

“Weel already helped to reduce our expense processing time by up to half a day. With multi-level approvals, we've now been able to halve that time again.”

Kaia Kaldoja, Head of Bookkeeping, BlueRock

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